Our Story

SoapPrizes is a true family affair, the brainchild of Julia, a 7-year-old fan of Shark Tank. She is Founder and Chief Creative Officer. Starting this company was her idea, and she remains instrumental in every product decision. However, Mom and Dad manage day-to-day marketing, operations and production, since melting soap can get a little hot … and Julia needs to learn long division before she can manage the balance sheet.

As a family, we wanted to give back with this business. Earlier this year, we adopted a black lab puppy from the Lab Rescue. It’s a great organization, and we want to give back. Ten percent of our profits will be donated to the Lab Rescue to help them care for the dogs until they find their forever homes.

We hope you enjoy using our soaps as much as we enjoy creating them.

We love custom orders. Please feel free to contact us about custom orders for your next party, shower or special event

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